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  • 2/3/2022

Outreach Events

The Expressions of Love Outreach Foundation plays an important role in our local community offering educational initiatives to surrounding areas. We offer wellness and financial literacy courses, affordable day care for vulnerable populations in need, and provide a food pantry which feeds thousands of people yearly.

With approximately 20% (U.S. Census) of the surrounding population lacking a high school diploma or equivalent and approximately 22% of the neighboring community living in poverty, the need for our service is increasingly apparent.

In 2013-2014, Expressions of Love pioneered a youth summer initiative that encouraged teens to foment their entrepreneurial spirit and think of ways to create businesses that would empower local communities. Our programs empower our community by providing a free resources to food, financial literacy, and wellness courses.

The Expressions community currently feeds approximately 3000 families each year through our food pantry. Consequently, nearly 50% of these families are headed by single women. Our mission is to continue to empower the families in these communities through financial education and inspire growth through continued educational mentoring. We dedicate all of our programmatic efforts to fulfilling the need of our community with an emphasis on five key areas:

  • Educational Attainment for underserved populations
  • Health and Wellness (through education initiatives and sustenance programs)
  • Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health
  • Local Economic Development
  • Promoting Strong Nuclear Families

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